#WCW – Distortedd

The Art Gawdess, Distortedd, has been non-stop grinding and in turn has quickly made a name for herself in the art game (damn near running it, actually). She recently embarked on a 10-city “p(ART)y” tour where she invites her fans to basically come out to turn up with her and watch her create art right in front of their eyes–something no other visual artist has ever done. Back in March, she became the FIRST and only visual artist to have her very own official SXSW showcase which is very MAJOR. It was at her SXSW showcase that we finally got the chance to meet her and purchase a few prints of her amazing work.


We’ve been following her for a while now and its so awesome to see how much shes grown and how much more success she has to come. She is truly the real deal–100% unique, autnehtic and original–and will definitely go down in history as an important figure to the culture. We especially commend her for being a strong businesswoman who breaks barriers by demanding her respect and proper dues. If you’re not familiar with her work, you should be–she’s most definitely in a league of her own and we can only see her going up from here!

Distortedd (2)


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