Positive Affirmations

  Sunday’s are perfect for moments of reflection and restoration. Take this time out for yourself to set your intentions for the rest of the week.  We believe in the power of speaking things into existence and we just wanted to share a few quotes to help others stay positive. You are powerful. You are … More Positive Affirmations

“A Love Letter to All Black Women” (via Blavity)

We recently discovered an awesome Black News & Culture blog called Blavity, the self-proclaimed “voice of Black Millennials”. They publish content daily, covering important topics relevant to today’s Black community and is an excellent source of knowledge and resources. There are many pieces on the blog that we found interesting, but there was one article in written by Gabi … More “A Love Letter to All Black Women” (via Blavity)

BLESSINGS: “Now What?” Post-Grad Advice

The moment you’ve been waiting on for 4 (plus) years has finally come: college graduation! …So now what? School has been a part of our everyday lives for over 10 years so naturally it’s going to feel weird to not have to worry about class, homework, presentations and those dreadful group projects (unless you’re going … More BLESSINGS: “Now What?” Post-Grad Advice