#CNBReview Rihanna – ANTI (Deluxe Edition)

Sooooo after MUCH ANTIcipation, Rihanna has finally delivered her 8th studio album R8 “ANTI” late last Wednesday night. We started our review immediately after it dropped, but with all the madness that ensued the following weekend (i.e. the Wiz/Kanye/Amber Rose fiasco and Drake dropping yet another bomb on poor Meek with the release of “Summer Sixteen“) we … More #CNBReview Rihanna – ANTI (Deluxe Edition)

@CosignMag “Vice Issue” Release Party

When we first moved to Texas, Cosign Magazine was one of the first highly-visible local brands that we discovered here in Dallas. In the nearly 2 years we’ve been in the “Triple D” we’ve been following the brand on social media and attended a few of their events, we noticed that they had a unique yet solid following in … More @CosignMag “Vice Issue” Release Party

How to navigate through life in your twenties (since apparently my generation thinks it’s hard)

Originally posted on Life Advice from a Trainwreck:
I sincerely hope that, as a generation, we can come up with something better than ‘The Selfie Stick’. We’re competing with the invention of planes, trains, computers and cell phones – but come on, guys. It’s no wonder Forbes is worried that we’re a bunch of “self…