#WCW – Chasity Samone

This week our #WCW goes to the stunning Miss Chasity Samone. When we first moved to Dallas, we discovered her and immediately fell in love with her undeniable beauty. She is gorgeous in every sense of the word in the way that she owns every inch of herself, confidently and unapologetically (as she should!). We … More #WCW – Chasity Samone

#WCW – Distortedd

The Art Gawdess, Distortedd, has been non-stop grinding and in turn has quickly made a name for herself in the art game (damn near running it, actually). She recently embarked on a 10-city “p(ART)y” tour where she invites her fans to basically come out to turn up with her and watch her create art right in … More #WCW – Distortedd