“A Love Letter to All Black Women” (via Blavity)

We recently discovered an awesome Black News & Culture blog called Blavity, the self-proclaimed “voice of Black Millennials”. They publish content daily, covering important topics relevant to today’s Black community and is an excellent source of knowledge and resources. There are many pieces on the blog that we found interesting, but there was one article in written by Gabi … More “A Love Letter to All Black Women” (via Blavity)

NYX Cosmetics

Ok, so I am obsessed with NYX Cosmetics! It started with their “Tiramisu” Butter Gloss and now I have a  rapidly growing collection of their products. I live in Ulta, so it didn’t take long for me to stumble across this brand. What caught my eye was the the broad selection of products. It’s rare that … More NYX Cosmetics

How to navigate through life in your twenties (since apparently my generation thinks it’s hard)

Originally posted on Life Advice from a Trainwreck:
I sincerely hope that, as a generation, we can come up with something better than ‘The Selfie Stick’. We’re competing with the invention of planes, trains, computers and cell phones – but come on, guys. It’s no wonder Forbes is worried that we’re a bunch of “self…