NYX Cosmetics


Ok, so I am obsessed with NYX Cosmetics! It started with their “Tiramisu” Butter Gloss and now I have a  rapidly growing collection of their products. I live in Ulta, so it didn’t take long for me to stumble across this brand. What caught my eye was the the broad selection of products. It’s rare that you find a cosmetic line that has an overwhelming amount of options, good options at that, but NYX has yet to disappoint me. From their Shine Killer, to their Matte Lip Cream, to their Mineral Foundation Stick, I am officially a loyal customer lol. I have a variety of different brands I use but this is the first one that has had me roused. I’m ready to try everything but I have to do my research first before it gets too deep. Here’s whats in my cart……

Concealer Wand


I have this already, I just need to re-up lol. I love the way it goes on my skin. It’s not heavy but it still provides good coverage. This little wand is perfect for travel but be careful it is easy to lose. Make your choice!

Slim Lip Pencil


This Coffee lip pencil is needed for the Matte Lip Cream “Cannes” I picked up at Ulta this past weekend. I CAN’T WAIT.

Matte Liquid Liner

IMG_2995 IMG_2996

Ok so I am not the one to play with eyeliner!! I rarely put it on because it usually takes me FOREVER to get one eye like the other lol but I think I’ll give this one a shot. The Performance section spoke to me when I read, “Why we love it: The precision brush tip makes achieving the perfect cat eye effortless.” There’s hope for me after all. *Crosses fingers*

My Favorite NYX Product of the Moment is…. *drum roll*


Even though Spring is approaching I’ve been hanging on to my deep purples and rich reds. Copenhagen is a combination of both and will be a great way to end my dark lip spree.

FUN FACT: NXY is Greek Mythology. It means “Goddess of the Night”

Here’s a video of how the “Tiramisu” butter gloss and the “Cannes” soft cream matte applies to your lips!

Find NXY Cosmetics:


IG: @nyxcosmetics

Facebook: NXY Cosmetics

Twitter: @nyxcosmetics

Ulta (Check Retail Me Not for $3.50 coupon)




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