How to navigate through life in your twenties (since apparently my generation thinks it’s hard)

This was a great read and too relatable to not share!

Life Advice from a Trainwreck

I sincerely hope that, as a generation, we can come up with something better than ‘The Selfie Stick’. We’re competing with the invention of planes, trains, computers and cell phones – but come on, guys. It’s no wonder Forbes is worried that we’re a bunch of “self deluded narcissists”. As revolutionary as it may be, ‘The Selfie Stick’ (seriously. Google it.) is not all we’ve come up with. We’ve also coined the “quarter-life crisis“, because when we aren’t busy taking Snapchat selfies or Instagramming pictures of our non-fat soy lattes, we like to whine about how hard it is to be young and faced with a world of opportunity… “But I can’t find the job I want”, and “This isn’t what I went to college for”, and of course, “All my friends are getting married, I’m going to be alone forever!”

Evidently my over-dramatic generation…

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