Coco & Butter: Christmas in New Orleans!


Each year we always set a goal to travel to at least one new destination, and in 2014 we managed to travel to four new cities between the two of us: Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and New Orleans (not counting the numerous weekend trips from Milwaukee to Chicago that we frequently made back home). In each of these cities we experienced something fresh and different, and even decided to make one of them (Dallas) our new home. But our most recent trip to New Orleans, the last trip we took in 2014, was one of the most memorable trips we’ve taken thus far for many, many reasons.


Not only was this our first Christmas away from home, but the fact that we were spending it in New Orleans made it even more special. New Orleans in itself is a sight to see but the mix of Christmas lights on palm trees that lit up every corner of the French Quarter was truly breathtaking. You couldn’t help but to be in the holiday spirit. We planned for this trip to be the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate and reflect on life and all the blessings we’ve received in 2014. We ended up getting more than what we bargained for.


The vintage appeal of the city is everything. From all the authentic Cajun cuisine, to the live music and endless bar options, what everybody says about the Big Easy definitely holds truth. We had no choice be to be fascinated with our surroundings and drawn into the culture as soon as we stepped on to Canal Street the night of Christmas. Trust us, this city never turns down! It is always live any time of day, any day of the week and this is one of the things we enjoyed most about it. No matter when we decided to step out it was a party.


We went to dinner at The Royal House, which is located in the heart of the French Quarter. Of course there was a bit of a wait, but we were sure that it would be well worth it and the sights and sounds of the streets kept us well entertained. Thanks to all the happily intoxicated tourists weaving through the streets and to the welcoming locals who reveled in the fact that so many people had fallen in love with their hometown, their good energy which was so refreshing to be apart of.

New Orleans Riverwalk and Streetcars

So here we are, day two, it’s about noon and we are finally up, dressed and ready to head out. The weather was BEAUTIFUL: 65 degrees and sunny the day after Christmas, we could not complain one bit. Our hotel was right on Canal and St. Charles, which was within walking distance of practically everything, so we kept the car in valet and decided to take the streetcar down to the Riverwalk Outlets for some shopping.


Originally, we had planned to go out and hit a club or two to bring in Butter’s birthday on the 27th, but again, we went with this “F-It” flow and decided to change the plans. Honestly, we’ve had our share of hits and misses when it comes to clubs and we didn’t want to risk wasting our night “doing late” in some random club. So, we decided to hit the casino instead (like some old ladies!). Turns out, Harrah’s Casino has a nightclub right in the middle of it so we got to dance, drink and win some money all in one wop! All in all, day two was a win and as we popped our bottle of Moet at midnight we toasted to life and the blessing of being able to see a new year, especially together.



For Butter’s actual birthday (December 27th), we found out that the Bad Girls of Burlesque tour was making a stop at the legendary House of Blues the same night of Butter’s birthday and it couldn’t have been more perfect. We had hopes of catching an authentic burlesque show during our trip and the fact that this particular show was playing ON Butter’s birthday was certainly not a coincidence. We booked our tickets right away and spent the rest of the day bubbling over with excitement for the night to come.


Since it was our last night in town and it was a special occasion, we decided to do the most and get super dolled up before heading out. Coco wore monochromatic look: a cream, wide-legged jumpsuit and a bejeweled cream fur jacket, while the birthday girl dressed herself in a Capricorn blue fitted jumpsuit with a camel fur and nude pumps to top it off. By 8:00, after the perfume had been sprayed and the lipstick had been applied, we did our final checks before hitting the door and we honestly had a moment. Here we were, 24 years old and a fresh 25, at this point in our lives with so much to be proud of and grateful for: we moved away to a new city, got new jobs, offered new opportunities, networked with new people, and through all the ups and downs we remained happy AND sane. There isn’t much more that people our age could ask for and in that moment we realized how truly blessed we were and had to acknowledge how proud we are not only of each other, but of ourselves, and that we deserve all the joys that life has to offer us and never take a single one of them for granted.


Bad Girls of Burlesque


After working 60 hour weeks for over a month straight, we definitely needed a vacation to refresh our minds and get out of our comfort zones. Our New Year’s resolution for 2014 was to travel more and we did just that. Taking the time out to refresh your perspective from your day to day routine is important. Most times you’re in autopilot mode and don’t even know it. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to have a routine (consistency is required to build structure) but you have to learn to balance it so you don’t lose yourself and forget to get out and experience different people, places, and things. Last year, we really ventured out and spent a nice amount of our year taking road trips; even though the drives were neither short nor sweet, each trip was worth it.


We encourage everybody to take trips as many as possible. Don’t psych yourself out with the excuses of not having the time and money because if you actually factored the time and money you spend on unnecessary things there probably is vacation money and time available for you! If you have some extra funds to do a quick weekend get-away DO IT! It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant either: you can take a road trip to the nearest major city and look into things to do. Check Groupon! Find a hotel in an area that is close to multiple things to do within the vicinity. Whether you decide to go with a friend or by yourself it will be fulfilling when you realize that you did something for yourself. As we showed with our 2015 vision board, we certainly don’t plan on stopping now and we will be sure to keep you guys posted on our world adventures!


Check out more pics of our trip below!


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