2015 Vision Board: New Year, New Goals!

Hello young world, its us again! Its been a while since we’ve been active with the site but now that we have gotten settled into our new environment, we are so very excited to be into the new year with a fresh mind ready to take on all the amazing things that life has in store for us!

Over the past few years, we’ve discovered vision boards and use the activity as a way to not only have fun and be creative, but to help us identify our goals and focus on our vision for our lives.

Typically, a vision board is a homemade collage of pictures of ideas, words, art or anything that inspires or motivates you (usually cutouts from old magazines) and looks like this:


We began to create our own physical vision boards at home but this year we thought it would be a good idea to create a digital vision board to share with our readers in hopes that you all will be inspired to make your own as well!

Each year we always try to have our priorities in check and strive to be the best we can be. So, this year that will be no different. However, there are a few areas in our lives specifically that we would like to grow and thrive in, and our vision board captures the essence of these goals:

2015 Vision Board
Coco & Butter’s 2015 Vision Board

Expand the Network

Meeting new people is necessary when trying to expand your business and build your brand. Bringing the year in, in a new and bigger city, puts us in the best position to network. Everything here is new to us and it’s so refreshing to be able to step out of our comfortable zone and make a name from ourselves here in Dallas. Not only will we learn more about this great city, but the city will learn how great we are, too :).

Pickup a New Hobby

There is nothing more dangerous than an idle mind and in order to stay productive and focused it is important to have hobbies that strengthen your mentality and your creativity. Of course, writing is a passion of ours and we plan to devote time out of each day to write something, anything, as long as we get our thoughts down. Reading is also a favorite hobby of ours so we hope to find a nice book club in Dallas to join as well, if we don’t end up organizing our own. We also plan on investing time into learning a new language, taking a dance class and cooking class. We’ll definitely let you guys know how that goes!

Kick It!

No matter how busy our lives get, we always set time aside for us to venture out and have our fun! We are known for experimenting and trying new places. In this case, its beneficial to mix business with pleasure as us going out to new spots can lead to potential business contacts. A great way to meet new people is by joining a social club; this way we’ll get new experiences and the people we meet will automatically share similar interests. WIN!

Revamp Our Closets

Retail therapy is very crucial for working women. We need our time to unwind from the stress of a hectic life and treat ourselves every once in a while, and this year we promise to treat ourselves much better. When we moved to Texas we practically gave away so many old clothes and shoes that we had been hoarding over the years, and now we have the perfect excuse to shop and rebuild our wardrobe! As many of you may know we LOVE thrifting so can’t wait to see what type of treasures Dallas has for us to stumble upon.

Vision Board1

Be Happy & Healthy

Aspiring to be happy and healthy is and always will be a top priority for us. Before anything else is to be done we have to make sure we ourselves are whole and happy. Staying consistent with our fitness routines and better monitoring our food intake is essential for us. There really is no excuse for not dedicating at least 20 minutes a day to working out and planning our meals. We know it can be cliché to start a new year off with health goals but its worth a shot each and every time. This year we plan to put in the extra effort to not only make better habits, but live a better lifestyle.

Financial Growth & Literacy

Saving money? LORDT. Balancing out the two mindsets of “I’ll make it right back” and “Save some for a rainy day” has been so hard over the past few years. The excuse of us still being young is getting old too, so it’s definitely time to look into better ways to manage our funds. Every little bit counts now days and being financially stable will provide needed security when it comes to reaching our big girl goals ie: owning homes and property, opening businesses, etc. Looking into financial books and even taking a class on personal finance will be our next step to make sure we are preparing ourselves for a money-cushioned future.

Travel the World

The World is ours and yours! There are so many different places to experience and ways to travel it’s a must that we continue to build our list of places we’ve been. Traveling gives you a sense of fulfillment and it will help reset your perspective. Last year we traveled to several new places and this year we plan to keep on adding more cities (and countries!) to the list.


As we proceed throughout the year we will continue to update our vision board to cross out the goals we’ve accomplished and make room for new ones! The new year isn’t the only time you should be focused and setting goals for yourself, it should be an everyday effort. You never know what may inspire you!


What does your 2015 vision board look like? Share with a comment!


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