Coco & Butter Take On Dallas!



As of yesterday, it’s officially been one month since we took a huge leap of faith and moved 1,000 miles away from home in Milwaukee to Dallas, TX and so far, the city has been great to us!

Why Dallas?

We strongly believe in the art of timing and when an opportunity presents itself and you are in a position to accept it, by all means go for it! That’s exactly what happened with us; we had always visioned a life outside of Milwaukee, but never knew exactly when or where that life would happen. Over the course of a few months, pieces of our puzzle slowly started to come together and all roads pointed to Dallas–we both were offered better job opportunities and found a nice apartment in a great location with ease. The universe spoke and the stars seemed to align from the minute we stepped foot in Dallas and since then, our hearts were set on Texas. We didn’t want our moved to be forced so we made sure that we were 100% prepared to make such a huge transition, and our patience has paid off big time. We can definitely see ourselves sticking around for a while–who knows what we may fall into down here?

Everything’s (Bigger) in Texas



The state of Texas itself is huge–Dallas is no exception–however, it isn’t too overwhelming and crowded. A bigger city means more opportunities to meet new people and discover new things, which Dallas has an abundance of. Dallas has a refreshing air of success, opportunity and growth, which is what attracted us to the city. With a high concentration of Fortune 500 companies currently (or soon to be) headquartered here, such as Rolex, American Airlines, Texas Instruments and AT&T, Dallas has been listed on several lists as a great place for economic growth and stability. With so much major business coming in and out of the city, the exciting part about it all is that you never know who you may meet or run into. We are surrounded by so many things to motivate and drive us to be successful and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to live here and expand the Coco & Butter brand.

Work Hard, Play Hard

We work hard and keep our goals and priorities in check at all times, but we don’t believe in all work and no play–especially when you’re in a city as exciting and diverse as Dallas. Naturally, we’ve been on a mission to find the “spots” in the city from the lounges and clubs, to the arts, culture and–most importantly–the FOOD! There’s just so many options that you could literally experience something new every single day and that’s what we love about it. We came across a list of “100 Things To Do in Dallas Before You Die” and thought it would be fun to challenge ourselves to do as many things on this list as we could. So far, we’ve done a few:

32. Appreciate the works at the Dallas Museum of Art.

photo 2photo 1

68. Eat at Fuel City Tacos after 2 a.m..


76. Take an artful picture of the skyline.

photo 1

95. Barhop on Lower Greenville.

photo 3 photo (2)

We’ll keep you guys updated with pics as we check off more items on our “Dallas Bucket List”!

So Hard to Say Goodbye

We couldn’t post about our move to Dallas without mentioning all our loved ones we had to say goodbye to in Milwaukee. The moving process was weird in that it really didn’t hit us that we were leaving until we were actually on the road. We expected full dramatics and emotions, but honestly we were more excited than anything. It was definitely hard saying our “not goodbye, see you later’s” to our friends and family who we’ve grew up with, but they all knew that this was the best thing for us. We received–and continue to receive–so much love and support and we truly appreciate each and everyone of you for helping us make our dreams come true. We could never say how much your kind words, thoughts and gestures mean to us, but we notice every single one of them. Since we never posted photos from our going away party, we thought now would be a good time :)

We love you ALL and can’t wait for yall to discover Dallas!

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