BLESSINGS: “Now What?” Post-Grad Advice

The moment you’ve been waiting on for 4 (plus) years has finally come: college graduation! …So now what? School has been a part of our everyday lives for over 10 years so naturally it’s going to feel weird to not have to worry about class,
homework, presentations and those dreadful group projects (unless you’re going to Graduate School right after–good luck with that). Now its time for the to the real world: the working everyday all day life in which you find yourself juggling getting the bills paid and establishing your dream career (which, many of you may find out, does not always come hand-in-hand).



The first word of advice we can offer to recent grads on their job-hunt is prepare to hear that you need experience! Its rare that people get their dream jobs right out of college. You have to keep in mind that there are a great deal of people who may be going for the same position you are, so you have to find creative ways to set yourself apart. Hopefully you took the time to take advantage of internship opportunities while you were in school. This helps you get a jumpstart on your next career move, while simultaneously figuring out your strengths and weaknesses. If there were not a lot of internship options for you to choose from when you graduate don’t get discouraged! Create your own opportunities. This will do wonders for your resume, especially since that is what’s reviewed before companies even meet you. To see that you took that initiative will peak interests in whomever is reviewing your resume and could probably land you an interview (and hopefully a job).


Keep in touch with your college friends! The guy that was good at presentations or the girl that tutored you with your accounting class would be great contacts if and when you decide to begin your own business. It will be best to keep in touch with the people in your major that were naturals in something that you may have lacked in. This way you’re building up connects and it may cut the costs if you need someone in that profession later! Also keep in touch with your professors. They are the ones with the real world experience which means real world connects. Hopefully you made a good impression in those classes so they won’t think twice about helping you out.


Don’t let paying back student loans sneak up on you. We know it’s still early and you get a about a year to find a job that pays enough to be able to take care of your loans, but still research and save for those payments. Trust us when we say that year will fly by and before you know it you will be receiving those statements in the mail saying “HEY! You owe us a fortune.” There are multiple options for you to pay those back so look into which ones will work best for you.


It’s a little too late to begin developing your life plan after you’ve completed college but if you’re like majority of the rest of us humans and get plagued by doubt, uncertainty, and procrastination this is probably your prediciment. For this we say, take what you’ve learned about college and apply it to where you see yourself in life. Think about what made you happy, what made you angry, what made you feel inspired and think of ways to reproduce this within yourself so that it can become permanemt fixtures in your life. The things that made you angry, what can you do to change them? If the answer is nothing, then why are you letting it affect you? If there IS something you can do to change these things, what’s stopping you from doing so? Before you can discover your true purpose, you must discover your true self, and that’s what college is really about.


Encountering people, places, things, thoughts and ideas that may have once been unknown to you in order to enlighten and inspire you to become something greater than what you are. Find yourself, find your purpose, develop a plan to fulfill that purpose, identify the tools required to do so and consistently work towards attaining those tools to live a life that’s meaningful to YOU. Your path is for you and you alone, so do not feel discouraged when others don’t support you, or when obstacles come your way. Successful people aren’t successful because they haven’t faced setbacks, they are successful because they posses the ability to push through unfortunate circumstances to reach their goals. If you remain focused, positive and prepared, you WILL overcome every obstacle set in front of you.

There is so much power in the mind and not everyone is cut out for a life of higher purpose. But you, as an educated individual, are already 10 steps ahead than most because you know that something lies greater beyond what we can see with the eye. Stay hungry for more knowledge, success, and positive reinforcements in your life and you will see your dreams come true right before your eyes…but first you have to WAKE UP!

Never get comfortable, a piece of paper alone will not take you far. You have to prove that you are capable of backing it up. That’s what investors, companies, customers and potential clients look for and in the end that’s what will separate you from the rest. In a world where you can literally do anything you want (and there are thousands of other people what want the same things as you), you have to come up with a way to ensure longevity and sustained success.

In short: figure out who you are and what you want to do with your life, carefully craft a plan to obtain these goals and work towards it everyday consistently and you will get the results you want. Never compromise your integrity, dignity, or self-respect to earn a dollar. There is so much more to life than money; true success is found when you’re happy with the life you live and how you use your success to enrich the lives of others.

There’s room for us all at the top, and if it gets too crowded we’ll just have to build another room! ;)


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