WERK: 2014 Fall/Winter Style Guide [Photos]


Tis the season to layer up! The winter exposes who’s a true fashionista and who’s simply following trends because now is the time when you actually have to put thought and creativity into your ensemble. Some women believe “less is more” and think that the less clothes you have on the more sexy you are and that is totally FALSE!

Fall and Winter are the best seasons to display your sense of style: you have the option of endless accessorizing with cute scarves, hats, gloves, tights and leggings, fur, and boots. OH and lets not forget (our favorite), OVERSIZED SWEATERS!

Living in Wisconsin, we are forced to adapt to the freezing cold and snow storms for almost 4 months, so why not weather the storms in style? One of our biggest pet peeves is when we go out and see girls dressed totally out of season (like going bare-legged with open toe shoes, MAJOR no-no, MAJOR force!). So here are some tips for sprucing up your winter wardrobe, whether it’s for work, the club, date night or a casual outting with the girls.

Because what girl doesn’t love leggings? Not only are they super comfy and versatile, but they come in so many styles, patterns and textures that you can style it to make a complete look without looking rushed. In the winter, leggings look great with long, oversized sweaters and cardigans layered over a basic top (belted for a little more glam and waist snatching). Pair with tall boots to dress it up and keep those legs warm!



Oversized Sweaters
We loveee chunky sweaters in the Fall and Winter because they’re so effortless to style. You can wear them cropped, long, belted, open or full-knit; the possibilities are truly endless! For our thrifting queens you know how clutch your local Value Village is for snagging those one of a kind “ugly sweaters” that only a woman with true style could make look good.




Thigh-High Boots
One of our favorite fashion staples is a good thigh-high boot. No matter how tall, short, curvy or slim you are, every woman can look good in a thigh-high boot if worn right! In the winter, we especially love a nice suede or leather thigh-high booth paired with a flowy skirt, chunky sweater or blouse and an oversized hat for a luxe 70s look. Not only do the boots look great but they also keep you warm if layered with knee-high socks or leg warmers underneath.



One thing we don’t want is our winter gear to conflict with our everyday glam and sometimes that knit beanie just won’t do it. Instead of going hatless and risking getting sick, try more fashionable options to keep warm. Wide brimmed hats are especially haute in the winter and are even better because they can be worn all year round. Other pieces we love are the fur pillbox hat (think Jackie-O in the snow) or a French-style beret. If you’re feeling bold, try a turban for an urban glam vibe to top off your winter look.




Whether you go faux or not, fur in the winter is the most stylish way to bear the cold. From dramatic floor length coats to shoulder wraps and head pieces, all women should have at least one staple fur piece to pull out and stunt with whenever she pleases. There’s not much more to say here except get into it if you haven’t already!




Winter Accessories
On those days where you may not be into dressing for the GAWDS in below freezing temps, you still want to have your everyday winter essentials to be practical but still cute. Instead of knit mittens, try going for leather gloves in a bold color like red or yellow. Not only will they last longer, but they’re more versatile and mature than your basic glove. It’s always wise to have a few chunky knit scarves, but also play with prints and textures to have a nice variety in your collection.




For the cost-conscious girls like ourselves, we would highly recommend THRIFTING! You can probably find all of these pieces at a quality thrift or resale shop in your town, for a fraction of the price. If you get lucky, you may snag come classic vintage pieces so it’s definitely worth the time and effort to hunt.

So how will you be staying warm and in style this winter? Let us know your favorites!

(Photos via Pinterest)

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