GETYOURLIFE: Relaxed/Bleached Hair Routine


Everyone who knows me, have seen the blueberry aura I’m giving off. Why? Because I decided to bleach my half natural/ half relaxed hair into the beautiful blue you see today. I’ve already been told how crazy I am for bleaching my hair. Of course I hear the “aren’t you scared your hair is going to fall out?” question every other day. But that fear is long behind me with this routine I created and committed to for a whole 2 months so far. Having chemically treated or bleached hair is not for those who are already lazy with their hair. So before you make this “bleach life” commitment, know the responsibilities you need to commit to so you don’t end up being bald headed and having to start over with an invisible part weave (sorry, not sorry). I’m here to give you my personal routine, no I am NOT a professional but I know my shit. BLOOP!

I created an actual schedule:
I moisturize and seal with an oil, twist or braid my hair to keep my ends sealed, then use a silk scarf at night to protect from any breakage. But I will wrap my hair normally if I have an achieved style for the next day.
To moisturize I use Cantu Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream and natural pressed coconut oil to seal the moisture in.


I deep condition, let me say that again I DEEP CONDITION!
I use a recipe of 2 eggs and 1/8 cup of olive oil. Yes, real eggs and olive oil from my kitchen. Sometimes if I feel adventurous I’ll add a tablespoon or 2 or real mayonnaise for extra protein. I will leave it in for 30 minutes (sometimes overnight, if I’m lazy)

Why am I putting food in my hair?
Well when you bleach or relax you are stripping your hair from it’s natural chemical composition, removing essential oils and proteins needed to keep your hair from breaking off. The eggs and mayonnaise are packed with protein to keep your hair from being so brittle and weak. The natural pressed olive oil is an essential oil that aids in putting the moisture back in your follicles.

After the egg and olive oil treatment, I use Organix’s Biotin and Collagen conditioner (biotin and collagen are chemicals in your hair that furthers growth and elasticity) and a couple spoonfuls of melted natural pressed coconut oil. Which I will leave in for at least 30 mins or overnight (depending on my laziness of course).


I use ABSOLUTELY NO HEAT! (Except for the one time I flat iron after my weekly wash. I only use 230 degrees of heat and I run thru each section only once just to get my hair back straight) This includes: blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, hot rollers, wands. Anything under the sun that is used to manipulate hair with heat is not used for a whole week. Sounds difficult right? Oh, it is.
I will have slip up days when I will have to tap a curling iron to create an achieved, more polished look. But if not, I am most definitely rocking my 2 braids or flat twist as a protective style. This week makes so much of a difference in my hair, giving it this heat free rest is essential in healthy hair growth.

When I do decide to use heat I will use a protective heat serum by Pantene Pro-V that will protect your hair from up to 340 degrees of heat.


I shampoo my hair. All those times that I condition, I will not shampoo my hair at all. As we all know shampoo will strip the natural moisture right off your follicles. With bleached hair in mind the last thing you should do is take away any moisture that you should be preserving. Sometimes I will go longer without actually shampooing my hair, depending on how many corn flakes (dandruff) I have exposed. When finding a poo (shampoo) for your boo (hair), always find one with conditioner or some kind of moisturizing agent. I will normally use Cantu Shea Butter Cream Shampoo or Organix’s Cocoa Butter infused Conditioning Shampoo.


Then I will pump my protein, oils, and moisture back into my hair as described above.

Another important monthly task is clipping ends. I clip my ends, depending on if I see that my ends are looking raggedy. There is absolutely nothing worst than a person who has split ends but won’t cut then. Especially when those split ends turn into split hair strands, causing you in the end to cut off way more hair than intended.

Once again, I am NOT a professional (yet…) but I know my information. So thanks for reading!
Please comment below, give feedback, like the post, tell me your dislikes, whatever! & I want to know what routines you ladies stick to for your own healthy hair regimes! :)



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