MEET HENNY: Our Health & Beauty Guru!


Do you want to know about new products before you buy them? Do you want to know more natural ways to make beauty and body products? Do you want to become more knowledgable on the products we use and the foods we eat?

Look no further, your guru is here.
My name is Jasmine Porter (Henny), I am currently finishing my degree in Africology with a minor in political sciences at University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin. I am a student and middle school/ high school youth counselor who is always on the go, so like everyone else I’m always looking for the cheap, efficient ways to do things with the best results possible.

After being friends with Coco (Jazmine Holifield) for almost 6 years, meeting each other our freshman year at Marquette University we have been rocking with each other since. With Coco knowing me so well, she felt it was only right that I would give all of you the TEA, using my investigative knowledge on the latest hair products, makeup products, foods, and household products. I’m damn near like Pinterest, Martha Stewart, Emeril, and a beauty store all in one.

In the world we live in today, we (or at least I) notice all the high damaging chemicals and products we use everyday that hinder our well being without even knowing.

Due to my OCD I have a heightened ability to notice everything and it kills me to not know about everything, especially when it comes to my hair, body and well being. So with that being said, I am the best person to give you the scoop on all beauty/bath and household products. I know cheap, efficient, and easy ways to get our normal everyday routines done.

Please comment below with any products, new diets, almost anything that you would like to see reviewed or investigated. Even if you just want to know the actual biology or chemistry of anything, I’M YOUR GIRL!!

We taking over for the 2014…ready?



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