“2013 Taught Us…” [Reflection]

As the New Year is finally upon us, we thought it would be necessary to look back and reflect on our 2013 collectively. As cliché as it may be to “reflect” on NYE, it is very important to enter a new year with a clear mind and heart. For us, writing is a release. There’s so much that we’ve wanted to say and express that we haven’t always found the right words to do so, but it was important to finally get things off our chest and our mind so that we can enter 2014 focused and refreshed, and most importantly, understood.

This year has been one hell of a ride: coping with the lost of a best friend, organizing two back to back events, and maintaining a business on top of the randomness of everyday life really brought out our true strengths and capabilities. We thank God for our loved ones for keeping us sane and focused. This year taught us the power in prayer and the importance of self-love. The love you have for yourself will be there when the people you thought loved you turn their backs on you. It is in our nature to be kind-hearted, generous and understanding, but after so many times of not getting the same in return, we had to learn that it is sometimes necessary to let go. It’s necessary for your sanity, your happiness and your well-being. There were several toxic people and relationships that we simply had to eliminate from our lives and our circles before we entered this new phase in our life. We refuse to share any more of our successes with people who didn’t contribute to them. It’s about to be 2014 and ain’t nobody got time for that! You are the company you keep and in order to truly win, everyone and everything you surround yourself with must be focused on winning and going as hard as you do, if not harder. If we can’t learn anything from you, we don’t need you around. Period.

One thing we pride ourselves on is being honest, respectable, and dependable women who can be seen as a source of inspiration and motivation to whoever we encounter. That being said, one thing we NEVER have and NEVER will do is cosign something that we didn’t truly stand behind 100%. “Friend” or not, real is real and we are the type of people who expect honesty at all times because we will always give that back. We don’t believe in allowing people we care about to become comfortable and not consistently work on bettering themselves. Basically, if something you’re doing is WACK then we aren’t afraid to call anyone out on their BS. When people are used to being placed on a certain pedestal, they tend to forget that no one owes them anything. Whatever is given to all of us must be earned in some way or another, so it’s time to stop expecting and just start genuinely doing.

If nothing else, 2013 taught us to have patience and faith. Our spirituality really grew this past year and we are proud of the mental growth we’ve been able to show. No matter how bad things get, trusting that they WILL get better is the key to seeing it through. Your mind will control you if you don’t take control of it. Your thoughts manifest themselves in your life whether you’re conscious of it or not. Being positive and thinking positive thoughts all the time is unrealistic for even the holiest of people, but when you catch yourself going downhill challenge yourself to see the other side of the situation. It is less about what happens to you and more about what you’re going to DO to rectify the situation so that you can continue to prosper. Slow money is better than no money just as slow progress is better than no progress. Never fall to the pressure of trying to catch up to others, you are where you are in life for a reason. If it’s where you want to be, then what are you doing to make sure you stay there, and go beyond to bring others with you? If it’s not where you want to be, then what are you doing to get yourself there?

These are questions we ask ourselves daily and form our goals around. In 2014, we want to see more of our people working towards a purpose. One that requires the entire person, one that is rewarding beyond any gift than can be physically given. A purpose that is not measured in dollars, followers, likes and retweets, but in the love, hope, positivity and inspiration that is exchanged in return. Everyone is different and thus we all have a different purpose in life. Our challenge to you all in 2014 is to discover your true purpose and push yourself 200% to make that purpose known. Let’s start investing in our own futures so that we can all have a solid foundation to build on. You should all know by now where we both stand and where our minds are going into this New Year and all we hope is that we can see you at the top with us. So, please loves, tonight turn up (SAFELY!!) and once you recover, be ready to WERK! We will be ;-P

Peace, Love, and Blessings

Coco & Butter <3


One thought on ““2013 Taught Us…” [Reflection]

  1. I read a lot of solid information in this post…lots of real words. I agree 100% with the principles that you all have stated in helping someone to progress. The piece about honesty, the piece about positive thinking and the piece about surrounding yourself around those that you can learn from are all aspects of my life and career that I follow. It’s refreshing to know there are others out there who have the same thought process.



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