Coco & Butter: Allow Us to (Re) Introduce Ourselves

If you’re reading this you’re probably trying to figure out what all the C&B hype is about and we wanted to give you the TRUE TEA here first before we proceed any further, so……here it goes.

Coco and Butter is a Milwaukee-based management company. We, Coco (Jazmine Holifield) and Butter (Kayla Green) met nearly 10 years ago at Riverside High School and have been practically inseparable ever since. MUCH has changed since sophomore year, many people, places, and things have come and gone, but one thing that’s always remained between us two is our shared ambition, intelligence, honesty and loyalty.

Growing up in Milwaukee, it’s nearly impossible to ignore all the hate, injustice, complacency, anger, frustration, lack of organization, education and opportunity in our communities; it’s made painfully evident in our surroundings everyday. As we got older it became obvious to us that we would have to have a part in making a change, no matter how small or large.

College is truly a defining moment in a young person’s life, should they choose to take that route (because it’s definitely NOT for everybody), and you can learn more about yourself than you ever thought you could. College taught us that going the corporate 9-5 route was just not for us, even though that’s what we’re basically being trained to be–workers. It was time to start thinking like a BOSS.

With that said, both of us graduated from college in 2012 (Coco from Marquette University with a bachelor’s in Public Relations, and Butter from UW-Milwaukee with a bachelors in Marketing #BLOOP), and immediately began working for SELF, to establish a brand and a name for ourselves.

The names Coco & Butter were actually given to us by De’Mott’s (RIP) mother and step-father, and naturally, they stuck. De’Mott and Mack were the two who really inspired us to really get serious about our grind and create something of our own..and thus, with their ideas and creativity, and our business and PR background, the High Rollers Club was born in July 2012.

In only a short year we took HRC from just a name to a BRAND, having 2 sold-out events (one during a BLIZZARD, FYI) and countless support in Milwaukee. But our success didn’t come without pain as we lost De’Mott unexpectedly on November 17th, 2012. Losing De’Mott was the biggest blow any of us have ever had to stomach and honestly, none of us have been nor will ever be the same again. However, we are strong and we continued to fight through our tears and worked our butts off to see De’Mott’s vision and legacy come to life. And we did just that.

After a while, people from everywhere started catching on to our buzz and we could feel the changes; we were being noticed and more importantly, we were respected. Being behind the scenes, you get access to so much knowledge and insight into what it truly takes to operate a business and build a brand and we’ve learned, and continue to learn, so much along our journey. People would always come to us for advice, recommendations, tips, and ideas about EVERYTHING from the latest trends, to the best restaurants and bars, to networking opportunities and one day something clicked.

We initially only focused on building HRC, but soon we realized that we could be an asset to many others in many different ways. We want to inspire EVERYONE to be the best YOU that YOU can be, in mind, body and spirit. We never claim to have all the answers, but we’ve worked very hard and have experienced a lot of things in our young lives (we’re only 23!). Our purpose is to be a resource to share what we’ve discovered about love, life and happiness in hopes that it will better someone else’s. We hope we’ve inspired you already. If not, stick around to see what’s to come, we promise it’ll be worth it :) Oh, and #WEPUTON

Always true,
Coco & Butter <3


13 thoughts on “Coco & Butter: Allow Us to (Re) Introduce Ourselves

  1. Love it ladies! So inspirational!! It’s so refreshing to come across two individuals with such a positive outlook on life. Keep it up!! Best of luck! Can’t wait to see how far this will go!


  2. You ladies are such an inspiration! It is truly remarkable to watch the growth you guys have made within this last year.


  3. Yoooo. I love y’all! I’m proud of y’all and glad to see y’all doin the damn thang! Don’t let nothin or NOBODY get in the way of the success that you are sure to encounter. I’ma need some advice. I’m tryna be like y’all when I grow up nd be my own BOSS. peace and blessings you two. Muahhh


  4. It has been a pleasure working with and sharing visions with you ladies! Very positive and insightful..I wish you both greatness xoxo!!



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